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Lucky provides the tools for retail growth,
starting at $149/mo.

We make it easy — only pay for the customers that use Lucky. Start with a risk-free trial to collect data and grow.

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    Pay for what you use:


    Up to 400 engagements monthlypolygon
    400 engagements5000+ engagements

    What's included

    Multiple Retailer Integrations

    Dedicated Customer Support

    Unlimited SKU's


    $349/mo add-on

    Rich Conversion & Analytics Dashboard


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    API Access

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    Frequently asked questions

    Why Engagements?

    Engagements are the total number of data points you track from your customers on Lucky, including zip code entries on our tool and clickthroughs to your retail partners.

    This data completes your retail customer journey from marketing to purchase, and gives you leverage when speaking with your retail partner about what stores to distribute your products through, value you're driving to them directly, in-store conversions, and more.

    How do I know how many engagements my brand will have?

    Engagements vary based on how much traffic you drive to your website, your marketing efficiency, number of products in retail, and more. The easiest way is to contact us to do a test to collect data and assess your monthly engagements.

    How easy is it to integrate my site with Lucky?

    We have a one-click install with our Shopify App and Salesforce App.
    Using something else? Let us know and we can discuss a complimentary custom white-glove install.

    What support is available?

    Dedicated Email, Phone, and Slack support is included.

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